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Home Decorating Ideas in Tuscan

    • Plants in Terracotta Potstuscan flower pot image by Bryce Newell from Fotolia.com

      Enhance any room in your house with Tuscan-inspired decor. Transform a bland room into a charming space by decorating with Tuscan touches. Tuscan style embraces rich, earthy hues and natural materials reminiscent of the Italian countryside. Tuscany is known for its vineyards, so use grapes and wine as inspiration when decorating. Breathe new life into tired porch or kitchen decor by displaying live plants, flowers and herbs.

    Charming Bedroom

    • Use Tuscan decor to infuse your bedroom with a charming look. Paint the walls an earthy hue, such as sage green or pomegranate red. Enhance a wrought-iron quilt rack with a vintage quilt featuring a botanical print. For an elegant look, cover your bed with a soft, neutral shade such as cream or taupe. Decorate the bed with a throw blanket in a color that coordinates with the wall shade. Hang a wrought-iron wall clock featuring an opulent gold face and lacy scroll-work details.

    Elegant Bathroom

    • Decorate your bathroom with an elegant Tuscan style. Hire an artist to create a Tuscan-inspired landscape mural on one wall, and paint the remaining walls with a soft butter yellow or ecru shade. In place of the wall mural, you can hang a shower curtain featuring a Tuscan scene, such as rolling hills or a vineyard. Store toiletry items in hand-painted pottery containers. Hang towels in rustic-looking wrought iron racks. If it is time to replace your flooring, choose textured marble or terracotta tiles.

    Rustic Sun Porch

    • A sun-drenched porch is the ideal space in which to showcase Tuscan decor. Buy a vintage whitewashed love seat and chair set. Enhance the furniture with rust orange or sunny yellow cushions. Hang cast-iron planters filled with Italian herbs, such as lavender and basil, on the walls. Display green plants in rustic terracotta pots. Set up a wrought-iron bistro table and chair set for casual meals or coffee breaks.

    Country-style Kitchen

    • Update a boring kitchen with Tuscan farmhouse appeal. Replace worn counter tops with marble versions. Install a bronze sink faucet for a country-inspired look. Wrap a faux grape vine or real ivy around a vintage baker's rack. Store spoons, spatulas and other cooking items in antique copper canisters. Buy a rough-hewn wood kitchen table and decorate it with plates featuring rooster designs. Create a casually elegant centerpiece by filling an antique jelly jar with a handful of colorful wildflowers.

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