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Calorie cycling, also known as calorie shifting, is a new approach to weight loss that is based upon the idea that in order to lose weight you must keep your metabolism in high gear.

This is important because increased metabolic rate means you burn more calories and if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. Metabolic rate is responsible for how your body processes food and at which rate it burns up calories. The higher the rate, the more efficiently your body burns calories. Increasing your metabolism is the quickest way to succeed in losing weight.

But how do you do it? The answer is - with calorie cycling. Let me elaborate on how this works.

Calorie cycling means that you should consume different amount of calories each day but at the same time preserve the weekly norm. For example, instead of consuming precisely 1900 calories each day, you can mix it up. You consume 1500 calories one day, and 2300 calories the next and so on. This is better than constant calorie restriction and has a better effect on metabolism and your overall health.

The great thing about this method is that you don't feel deprived, because you are allowed to eat a reasonable amount of food. With this diet you eat at least four meals a day which will also prevent your body from going into starvation mode so you don't plateau.

With mainstream low-calorie, low fat or low-carb diets, people eventually end up plateauing. This is because the body goes into so-called starvation mode. That means the body automatically adjusts and begins to conserve as much energy as possible. It will become super efficient at making the most of the calories it gets. If you want to lose weight, that's the last thing you need.

Remember, a diet doesn't mean restricting your calories to dangerously low levels. It won't work, at least not in the long term, and it's certainly not healthy.

The bottom line - as long as a continuing calorie deficit is achieved, calorie cycling works! Remember this when choosing a new weight loss program.

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