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How Can Chubby Girls Get Gorgeous Guys Too?

Have you seen all of the thin and shapely women which guys just go crazy over and wondered if that is what it takes? Do you believe that it is just not possible for a chubby girl to get a gorgeous guy too? Does it seem that it is not fair how a man will not look past your appearance and see if maybe you might be a better catch than that thin woman? Sure, it is easy to think of men as shallow and give up on the chance of a chubby girl getting a gorgeous guy.
But that is not the way things really work..
When a woman is attractive a poor attitude can be like a roach on a birthday cake.
No matter how great she looks, she is never going to get a man to really love her for who she is unless she has something more than attraction going for her.
The first thing you have to do is ask yourself that this one thing may be.
Chances are that you have it and that there are a lot of guys who would love to be with someone like you.
The trick is getting their attention.
First, do not try to act like anyone else but yourself.
If you are a bit overweight, don't do anything which may draw attention to it.
Why? Because it is something to be ashamed of? No, because if you show people that you are comfortable with it than it is less likely to be an issue to them.
After getting to know you, they will hardly notice it.
Chubby girls get gorgeous guys all the time, but it is not because they are thinking about the guy being gorgeous or themselves being chubby.
What you must understand is that the better looking a guy is the more he is going to want a woman who cares about what is on the inside of him.
He is probably used to being eye candy and chances are he is pretty bored with the whole idea.
Looking to him for more than that is going to help him relax and to do the same when he looks at you.
Second, be willing to give a man who is less attractive a chance.
Even if you do not want to be with him.
If a gorgeous guy only sees you giving your attention to other gorgeous guys you are going to be labeled as shallow.
Then it does not matter what you look like, he is going to tune out.
Understand that a chubby girl can get a gorgeous guy, only if she is able to set aside both her looks and his.
Good luck!

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