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Tips To Do On Backlinking

Backlinking is a pretty simple process to do. On your website, you just provide a link to another website. You are somehow promoting that website; telling your friends and contacts to check it out. In Google's own words, a backlink from page A to page B is a vote, by page A, for page B. But what if it's the other way around? What if you are the one needing back links?

Getting a backlink or inbound link is like asking for the approval and support of website owners. Unless you are friends to some of them, you can't ask them outright that you want them to link your site. You have to impress them and make them feel that you have something substantial or useful to share. Generally speaking, you do that by regularly sharing substantial contents to article directories.

But there are effective and smart techniques to accomplish that. You can't just submit and submit because, take note, other website owners are practically doing the same. So you have to be perceptive on what strategy to take depending on the level of your online campaign. Indeed, there is no easy way at the receiving end of a backlinking process.

Linkbaiting is perhaps the fastest technique to introduce and to optimize your site. One way to do it is to be the first to share breaking news about a celebrity. As you are the source of "hot news", many websites will link to your "baiting" website because there is information there that is of great interest to the public.

Linkbaiting requires a bit of planning and marketing to work - but, sometimes, all it need is luck to be effective. This strategy cannot be overdone, however, because search engines will penalize websites that build too many backlinking over a short period of time.

Another technique that can be used but still dangerous to backfire against your website is linkspamming. A company is doing linkspam if it attempts to place as many incoming links as possible to its site regardless of the context of the originating site. The risk, when caught, is that the company's website can be de-indexed.

The safe yet effective technique is to get backlinks naturally through writing useful articles. Get into the habit of good research and clear presentation of ideas when you do your articles. Find your niche and slowly build your reputation as an expert in your field. More importantly, submit your articles to as many relevant directories as possible.

Thing is, you have to submit articles regularly as you try to build and keep your online reputation. You cannot possibly do all the research and writing tasks always.

You can delegate some of the tasks to article submissions service. Make sure that the article submitter can be trusted to do honest and excellent work. As you outsource some of your tasks, you will have more time to think of better ways to do backlinking.

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