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Planting Guide for Vegetables & Herbs


    • Summer vegetables and most herbs require full summer sun and warmth for their growth, so the best time to start a vegetable and herb garden is in spring, when the ground thaws and becomes easily workable. In most areas, April is the ideal time to start.


    • Herbs and vegetables require full sun and quick drainage, so it's important to choose a site that fulfills both of these requirements. Larger garden sites offer more options, so look for a site that provides plenty of room.


    • Vegetables and herbs prefer deep, loose soil that offers both nutrition and quick drainage. Mix a combination of quick-draining soil and compost into your gardening site, and supplement with other soils like peat, loam and sand to loosen the soil before planting.

    Natural Protection

    • Many gardeners take advantage of companion planting in herb and vegetable gardens. Plant borage, garlic, lavender and chives around the outer edges of the garden to naturally repel insects and pests.

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