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Birthday Gifts for a Father-in-Law


    • Experiences make great gifts and don't add to household clutter. Give your father-in-law a set of tickets to a sports event he will enjoy. Offer to go with him and create a positive memory for the two of you. If he isn't into sports, a ticket to the theater or a concert might be just the thing. Check a local events calendar to see what is coming up where he lives. If you have the money, give him plane tickets to come visit you and your spouse for a weekend.

    Collector's Item

    • Many men have been collecting one or more favorite items for years. Miniature replicas of classic cars, coins, belt buckles and shot glasses are just a few of things that many men like to collect. Ask your spouse what your father-in-law enjoys collecting and add to his treasure trove. He will be pleased by how much thought you put into selecting his gift.


    • Give your father-in-law a bottle of fine wine for his birthday. If you're in the mood to splurge, purchase a vintage from the year he was born. If you're not certain what type of wine he enjoys, get a bottle from a country that represents part of his family's heritage, if possible. Remember, when it comes to wine, price is not always indicative of quality. If he's more of a whiskey man, get him a top-shelf bottle of his favorite variety. Other libations may be welcome as well. For a father-in-law who's a teetotaler, consider a bag of gourmet coffee beans instead.


    • Order a 5-by-7 print of a photo of your family and place it in an elegant frame. Your father-in-law will enjoy seeing a photo of his offspring, grandchildren and you. If he works in an office, it will give him an opportunity to display a photo of his family. Otherwise, it will likely occupy a place of honor on the mantel in the living room or on a bedside table.

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