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Jobs - Making Supervisors and Co-Workers Comfortable with Hearing Loss

Updated June 18, 2014.
i found out yesterday that my company has decided to get all the deaf/hearing impaired people that work for my company all together and let them do the course themselves .... i think they are going to modify the course so that it relates to them as our deaf employees dont use the phone its pretty pointless sending them to a course that focuses on telephone technique so hopefully they will bring in an interpreter (fingers crossed) ...

my collegue couldnt tell me what they are going to do (personally I dont think they do either)

Similar to School Experience

Being "alone in the workplace" (the only deaf or hard of hearing person) is very similar to being the only deaf or hard of hearing person in your school or classroom.
- GinaOliva

Gently Remind Them

Management was happy to purchase an amplified telephone for me. Educating co-workers proved more of a challenge. Even the sympathetic ones kept "forgetting" I was impaired and forgetting the tips I gave them to communicate better with me. People in today's work environment are very busy and stressed so an invisible handicap is quickly shifted to the back of their minds.
All you can do is gently keep reminding them of the techniques and try not to cross the line into irritating them. Also, people with normal hearing have a very hard time relating to what it is like not be be able to hear well and the kind of inpact and stress it puts on the impaired person.
- Banjos1

I have a hearing impairment that is getting worse.People at work didn't even know I had one at first,but then I let on because I had a popping sound in my ear and other problems that resulted in more hearing loss.

Now I wear an amplifier along with my hearing aids. Its more of a visible sign that I have a hearing loss and a good reminder that they need to look at me when speaking. I work with children and they have also been good about speaking up.We now also have a hearing impaired student and I do all of the things that I would want my co-workers do for me, such as getting the her attention before I start communicating with her. By setting the example with her, now my co- workers have taken the cues and are communicating with me better. Because of that now I feel more comfortable in telling them what I need and what does and doesn't work for me and they have been very good about it.I purposely made my hearing impairment visible with the amplifier. New co workers ask about it, I explain why I use it and they're response is just like they are learning a part of their job.Fortunately I found a job where people feel that I'm doing whatever I need to do to get the job done and being respected for it.
-About Visitor

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