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Tortoise Eye Infection

    Bacterial Infection

    • Treat bacterial eye infections with eye dropsImage by, courtesy of Hussain Al-Ahmed

      A small white spot on the surface of the cornea is a sign of an eye infection. Swollen eyes indicate bacterial infection. If not treated immediately, the infection spreads and becomes an ulcer. The cause of the infection is often contaminated water or low environmental humidity. Eye infections can be treated with a few drops of an antibiotic containing neomycin, chloramphenicol, or gentamycin.

    Vitamin A Deficiency

    Sharp Objects

    • Eye infections can also be due to physical trauma. Remove sharp objects such as jagged rocks from your tortoise's habitat. Sand and other particulate matter may also cause eye irritations and swelling.

    Drop in Temperature

    • Eye problems can also develop from a sharp drop in temperature. Keep your tortoise in a terrarium and monitor the temperature. According to the California Turtle & Tortoise Club, tortoises thrive in a temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Contact Your Veterinarian

    • When all else fails, contact a veterinarian that specializes in herpetology.

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