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How Did Shakespeare Use Songs?

If you have a large number of music CDs, video games, books, or movies that you would like to organize you may want to consider installing one of the freely available open source software packages developed specifically for that purpose.


GCstar is a free and open source general purpose tool for managing all kinds collections. You can use it to search for items using various criteria. The software has functions to automatically retrieve information about the items in your collections from the Internet and add it to the items in the database.

You can add additional information such as the item's location or who has borrowed it from you.
The predefined collection categories are movies, video games, books, music, wines, board games, TV show episodes, and comic books, but the user can create customized collection types by selecting suitable fields.

Search options include pre-defined criteria and user-defined criteria as well as filters for common actions, such as displaying only the movies you haven't watched yet.

GCstar includes functions for managing the lending of items, such as noting the borrower's contact information, and sending emails.

GSstar is primarily a Linux application implemented in Perl using Gtk2-Perl but has also been successfully tested on MS Windows. It integrates well with the desktop environments Gnome and XFCE.

Screenshots of the application can be found on the GCstar web site. There is also download and installation information available.


Tellico is another open source collections manager that you can use to organize your music CD collection, video collection, book collection, and pretty much any other type of collection.
The software comes with templates for books, videos, music, games, coins, stamps, cards, and wines.

Collection items are stored with a set of properties that are either entered manually or retrieved through Internet tools that access public databases, including, IMdb, PubMed, and

Different views are provided that display items in groups or in tables sorted according to specified attributes. It supports loan monitoring by providing fields, views, and reports that you can use to track items that you loaned out.

Tellico stores the data in XML format and does not need a database server. You can also export and import records from GCstar.

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