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Easy Ways To Make Your Home Eco-friendly

These days, people are getting concerned about the environment and are looking forward to ways to do their bit. One way in which we can maintain the equilibrium of our ecosystem is to make our homes eco-friendly. Every small effort made by you will lead to gradual but massive changes in the environment, thus making our planet earth a healthier place. The basic foundation mantra of adapting to the Eco friendly lifestyle and homes is to reduce the amount of the new consumption and stick to the principle of recycling.

Nearly, 18 percent of the total electricity bill for your home accounts for the energy consumed by all your electrical appliances. You can easily bring this down to 10 to 15 percent by using energy efficient lights, lamps, etc. If your Refrigerator is more than 10 years old or if it is not energy efficient, then make sure you bid goodbye to it, as this is an appliance which is using the maximum part of your electricity, thus leading to high energy bills. Increase cross ventilation in your home, wherever it is easily possible. This will not only lower the temperature inside your home, but will eventually eliminate the possibility of mites and molds to prevail beneath the carpets or other areas as well, along with ensuring the air inside your home is free from toxins or carbon monoxide. All this safeguards you and your family from falling prey to respiratory problems.

If you use thermostat, then use it at a temperature below 20 degrees to make sure that you end up saving around 3 to 5 percent of electricity during winters. During summers you can use it at 78 degree Fahrenheit. A good option would be to install thermostats with auto temperature control. Another easy tip is to do the dishwashing at night or may be late in the evening as it generates a lot of heat, especially during the summers. If your budget allows then get solar water heating systems installed while the electric geyser can always be used under emergency situations as a backup option and save on the energy bill.

You can use the stylish LED lights in areas, like lobby, staircases, etc. as they are controlled with the help of motion sensors or infrared detectors. Replace the traditional incandescent bulbs with the stylish, sleek and elegant, plus energy saving, CFLs or Compact Fluorescent light bulbs. Inculcate a habit in your family, especially among your kids, of switching off unnecessary lights when you walk out from one room. Minimize the use of plastic bags and get those nice jute bags or cloth bags, when you go shopping or to buy vegetables and other grocery items. Make sure that the floor cleaners, glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc. are safe for the environment and if you want to make a bigger effort than use alternatives, like vinegar, baking soda, water, simple soaps, washing soda, lemon juice mixed with borax for cleaning bathrooms, floors, etc.

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