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Things to Know About Freshwater Aquarium Tanks

Most people really enjoy having an aquarium at home.
This is the second most well known hobby among people from different locations in all ages.
Gazing the unique, wonderful setting of this marine environment brings a different sense of happiness and joy to everyone who sees it.
Anybody can do setting up a freshwater aquarium it could be at home, business establishments or office young and old alike can join this amazing hobby.
However, there are things to know about fresh water aquarium tanks to help you get started easily.
Aquarium Set Up: Size and Shape Think about your desired size and shape of your freshwater aquarium.
Surface area is always an important consideration when making an aquarium.
Decide on the kinds and the quantity of fish you are planning to have because often times some of this fish would just cluster around at a single depth level in the water making its volume less important.
Take some appropriate measures for your aquarium size in parallel to the quantity of fish inside the aquarium to create balance within.
Generally larger tanks are easier to maintain and manage in fact there are certain procedures to do in order to facilitate cleaning of the fish tank.
If you are just starting this hobby it is suggested to begin with a large tank so that a big number of fish can be accommodated.
Partial cleaning can be done to your tank be it large or small ones so you won't have a hard time dealing with your aquarium's cleaning process.
Larger tanks are easier to deal with because you can manage water chemistry quite well.
Beginners would tend to have a harder time in maintaining the proper water chemistry in smaller sized tanks because even a slight change in its water level can cause fatal damage to the fish.
Larger tanks on the contrary make these reactions significantly lower because it extends the changes in water chemistry over a large volume of water.
In addition, beginner's wide fascination of freshwater aquarium would tend to like having a wide variety of fish.
They would like to have a many fish as they can in a single fish tank therefore having a larger tank when you get started makes room for any incremental changes you would like as your interests to raising fish grows.
Fish Tank Types Fish tank is one of the most necessary features an aquarium should have.
There are two commonly known types of fish tanks available to choose from based on your preference: Glass and Acrylic Fish Tanks.
*Glass Tanks* Glass is the commonly used aquarium material for tanks.
It has durable composition; it won't show scratches visibly and is stable when worked together as a single piece.
These kinds of tanks are heavy to carry, difficult to transport because of its delicate structure and brittleness.
They maybe sturdy but not as resistant enough to withstand cracks which may totally break the glass while putting water on it.
*Acrylic Tanks* Acrylic tanks are the modern types of tanks available today.
They are made from synthetic materials that look the same with that of glass tanks but sturdier than glass.
These tanks weights half the weight of a glass tank of the same size and are durable enough not to crack easily.
On the other hand, acrylic tanks get easily scratched more than glass tanks do therefore scrubbing and cleaning the tanks from stubborn algae is more challenging than scrubbing algae in a glass tank.
The good thing is reworking acrylic tanks to its original condition is not as hard as compared to glass tanks.
Glass tank when broken is very difficult to rework at all.

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