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Vail Resort is a popular ski destination for those looking for an adventure vacation. Skiing and snowboarding in the Vail Valley is one of those experiences you won't soon forget. When you total up the price of Vail Lift Tickets, lodging, flights, eating out and Vail ski rentals, a trip to Vail can add up quickly. However, it doesn't have to be a vacation that breaks the bank account if you follow a few simple guidelines for saving money while on your Colorado vacation. The majority of Colorado ski resorts make it difficult for anyone coming from out of state to receive discounts on Vail ski tickets & Ski Rentals. A wallet friendly way of receiving deals on Vail ski tickets is to plan ahead and purchase them well in advance of arriving. Here are some additional ideas for saving money on lift tickets and ski rentals.

2) Book Online

The day and age has arrived where you can shop online for the best prices on ski tickets & rentals for Vail, Colorado. Many online retailers will offer deals if you purchase 3 or more days of skiing.

Simply purchase your tickets online without the crowds and print out your voucher. You will need to present the printed voucher to the lift ticket counter at which time they will give you the physical ticket. This is also a popular option for those who bundle their lodging. Many lodging companies in Vail and the surrounding area offer stay and play packages which give you discounts on lodging and lift tickets when they are purchased as a ski package.

1) Denver, Colorado – A Haven for Vail Ski Deals

If your family or friends are flying into Colorado via Denver International Airport or Colorado Springs Regional Airport you will inevitably pass 100's of opportunities for finding discount Vail ski tickets and Vail ski rentals. Stop off at one of the many sporting outlets and pick your skis up before heading to the mountains. Often times places like Breeze Ski Rentals, Christy Sports and even Gart Sports offer excellent rates on ski and snowboard rentals. Best of all, you'll avoid the crowds associated with long ticket sales lines.

Sounds a bit strange, but the Denver metro area, as well Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins offer discount tickets at the customer service counters of King Soopers and Safeway stores. Swing by these popular grocery stores and you will easily save between $5-10 on purchasing your lift tickets.

3) Ski Groups & Ski Clubs - Bigger is Better

The old adage "buy in bulk" rings true for Vail vacations. If you come with a large group consisting of 20+ people, you can receive discounts on everything from lodging and lift tickets to activities and food. Bring your family for a reunion or have a Vail mountain wedding where the wedding party can enjoy a day of skiing and snowboarding. Either way, groups are an excellent way to save BIG on a vacation to this popular mountain town.

4) Gold C Coupons

Gold C Coupons are still floating around out there and provide an easy way to get great rates at the lift ticket window if you present the coupon within the valid dates.

5) Scour Ebay for "Ski Coupons" or "Vail ski deals"

Often times, Ebay sellers will sell lift ticket coupons that will save you a decent amount of money. They aren't the best bargains, but will still knock off $5 to $10.

4) Buying Lift Tickets at the Resort

Scalping tickets at the resort sometimes works out but is not the preferred method for saving money on Vail lift tickets. However, many families buy multiple days for skiing only to realize their legs are too tired for another day on the slopes. If you are lucky enough, they will walk up to you and offer the tickets directly. Keep your eyes out, they are often found hanging around the ticket corner or in the parking lot. MAKE SURE you check that the dates are valid on the ticket. Again, this is not the preferred method for getting discount tickets but sometimes works.

Vail, Colorado is a place built on authentic character and smiling locals. Come experience a Vail vacation. Just make sure you don't pay FULL PRICE!

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