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How to Use Filters in Gimp 2.0

    • 1). Open the image you want to edit. Click the "Layers" tab in the "Layers, Channels, and Paths" dock to display the layers that exist in your image.

    • 2). Select the layer that you want to enhance with a filter. Your filter will only be applied to the active layer. If your image only consists of a background layer, the filter will be applied directly to the background.

    • 3). Select the "Filters" menu in the "Image" window. Choose a filter from the available options. Different filters apply different effects to your image: "Blur" filters soften the layer, "Enhance" filters remove imperfections and noise from the layer, and "Distort" filters apply special warping effects to the layer.

    • 4). Use the filter dialog box and preview window to manipulate the effect of the filter before applying it. Experiment with different settings and values until you find the look you want to apply. Click "Ok" to apply the filter to the layer.

    • 5). Save your work if you like the effect. Saving your work allows you to revert your image to an earlier state if you end up applying an effect you don't like and helps prevent data loss.

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