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What Are My Chances of Success in Network Marketing?

I have been asked, what are my chances to succeed in network marketing? The answer is 100%.
Now, you will tell me I am a liar, because you may have read some of my websites that I talk about the industry rate of 95% of people fail in network marketing.
Now, I would like to point out, if you feel you will fail so you do not take the actions, you do not plan, you do not find a way to overcome adversity, you will fail.
However, if you came into network marketing with a plan to fail and you did, I will tell you that you succeeded.
Where is your focus? If your plan is to succeed, then what should keep you away from your goal? Why don't you deserve it? What do you want to see accomplished in your business? Let me ask you, what is your motivation to starting a business? A lot of people will call this your unstoppable WHY! It may be to have financial security to be able to spend every second you can with your spouse.
It may be your grandchildren, it may be a cause that is worthy like helping battered women and having a shelter for them.
What ever it is, it is the reason that if you have a hard time and decide to give up, you can go to that person and tell them that you are giving up on them.
How many wives would want their husbands to come in and say they were not important enough and that the husband said it was not worth it? You can change it up, and the results create a lump in your throat and you can not swallow it.
Now, let me say that what you focus on you will definitely hit.
I will say do not take this challenge literally.
But could you drive from where you are today, and you pick a target 1000 miles away! You will tell me of course you can do that and you may have done that on a family vacation.
Now, since we know you can do it, I want you to change your focus next time you do that trip.
Have someone paint your windows on your doors and your windshield black.
The only thing you can do is look in the rear view mirror.
Do you think you would make it? Let me be clear, make it with out having an accident? Now, you are probably laughing, and you said you could make the trip because you had done it.
I changed your focus and all of a sudden you find that you would not be successful, why? It was your focus.
How many times do we think we could not make a career change and be successful especially if it is in a different industry.
A lot of the time, this is because we are looking in the rear view mirror.
Only you have the answer if you will succeed or fail.
You pick.
If you chose to fail, let me say please do not even start a network marketing business, because I want you to succeed.

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