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The History Of Schutzhund As A Breed Evaluation Test Of The German Shepherd Dog

The word Schutzhund is taken from the German language that means a dog for protection.
Here we are going to talk about the history as a breed evaluation test of the German Shepherd Dog which is fascinating.
There have been many tests conducted to examine the characteristics and efficiency of these dogs, so that they can help police or army during investigation.
Tracking, obedience and the protection are the tests conducted to examine the Dog.
To check the scenting capabilities, power and mind stability, tracking test is held.
For judging the mannerism and condition, obedience test is conducted on these characteristics.
The protection test determines the speed at which the dog reacts whenever it is given any command by the handler.
Any alternation made in their typical herding practice has negative impact on the dogs.
It affects their working capabilities.
That is why breeding is restrained to the GSDs that pAA the Schutzhund tests so that a more efficient breed of GSDs can be produced.
Germany is still follow this rules that states that until a GSD pass the Schutzhund test, its breed cannot be enrolled as a GSD.
The benefit is that it helps to continue the working characteristics in every breed.
However, even after these measures, if the dogs are not allowed to perform their duties, the traits passed weaken rapidly.
The aim of this test is to exclude those dogs that do not have correct drive, temperament or there is no excitement while training them.
Those German shepherd dogs are selected for breeding that exhibit human like qualities.
Cream litters are born with the most demanded and expected characteristics known to a titled Dam and Sire.
The characteristics include the high level intelligence, strong desire to work, understanding ability, the in born ability to develop a loving and strong bond with the handler as well as potent to receive hard trainings, constant determination packaged with the strong instinct with many degrees.
The aim of the training is not to make the dog hostile.
Instead, it is trained so that the dog becomes hostile and protective according to the needs of a situation or whenever ordered by the commander.
It helps to boost its inborn senses, intelligence rather than developing a completely new personality.
These dogs are very popular and its popularity will further increase in the days to come.
Surely, one of the most interesting accounts is the history of Schutzhund as a breed evaluation test of the German shepherd Dog.

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