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Does My Ex Still Love Me? Here Are 4 Super Easy Yet Effective Ways to Know it Before It"s Too Late

It's just killing you.
You can't seem to read what you're ex is feeling or doing.
Does your ex still love you? Do they want you back? Check out these four tips to find out.
oThey look into your eyes...
As if they want to say something:
Nothing says "I love you" better than a loving gaze into the person's eyes.
If your ex is opening the windows of their soul to you - that's their eyes, by the way - they are silently trying to tell you how they feel.
When an ex is not ashamed to gaze at you or look you straight in the eye it's probably because they want you to read their mind and see the love they still feel for you.
If they can't meet your gaze they might just be looking to see what you are up to.
oThey ask your friends about you...
They want an update on your personal life:
During your time together, you probably made some common friends.
These friends will be one of the best sources of information they will seek out to hear about what you are up to.
If they are calling your friends to know what's going on in your life, they still care.
It's normal for an ex that still loves you to want to know what you are doing.
They will be anxious to find out if you are dating or if you are depressed or relieved by the break-up.
oThey send you gifts or cards...
How obvious can this be:
If you show up at work every morning and find a beautiful bouquet of roses on your desk, that's just obvious.
They are still crazy for you.
However, if they are not so romantic, maybe you will get a muffin or a bagel on your desk.
Your ex might bring you that double latte from Starbuck's that you are addicted to, or they might just drop you an e-card once in a while to wish you a nice day.
All of these gestures point to an ex who still loves you and wants to remain a part of your life.
oThey stay in touch...
Actions speak louder than words:
Maybe it's a late night phone call just to wish you good night and sweet dreams.
Maybe it's a midday call to ask you out for lunch.
Whatever it is, your ex is still in touch with you for one reason: they still like you and definitely enjoy your company.

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