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Maryland Grants for Rural First Time Home Buyers

    Housing Assistance Council

    • The Housing Assistance Council is a nonprofit corporation that was made for low-income home buyers in rural areas nationwide, including Maryland. The Housing Assistance Council offers help with loans, technical assistance, and other housing assistance to the public, non-profit organizations and even private organizations. The Housing Assistance Council maintains a special focus on high-need groups and rural regions, according to the HAC website.

    Farm Credit Service

    • The Farm Credit Service System gives away more than $90 billion in loans to farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners and agribusinesses. The money comes from funds that are raised through bonds and notes in the nation's capital markets, according to their website.

    USDA Rural Housing Service

    • Those living in Maryland's rural areas can benefit from using grants and other programs available from the USDA Rural Housing Service. The USDA Rural Housing Service has different programs that make funds available via different housing loans such as home ownership loans, home improvement loans and rural rental housing loans.

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