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Dating? How to UP the Sexy

Ok, I'm the 'tell it as it is' kind of gal and I'm telling you that you owe it to yourself to up the Sexy in your life and bring out the Foxy.
There's a lot of pressure to look HOT in today's culture but up-ing the sexy has more to do with "be-ing" sexy and "feel-ing" sexy.
You know that you have a smokin' Hottie inside of you.
Don't think about it as a duty.
Think about it as your God given responsibility to help the world share the love you have for yourself.
There's a kind of sleazy, cheesy, uncover girl look that some women are bold enough to leave their homes with which actually causes men to pity them.
This kind of look will help you get nowhere fast with a man and if you have the attitude that a man should love you for who you are inside, then you'd better drop that kind of thinking because it's your way of not loving yourself enough to look your best.
It gives you the excuse not to shine.
It's also a double standard because you well know that you wouldn't want to be caught dead with a man who looks like a "bum!" Ways to UP THE SEXY: #1 Start with your inner world.
A woman who is truly spiritually connected and balanced is flat out sexy.
Make personal development your goal so that you're not at the same place two years from now, especially if you're the kind who cries about not having men in your life.
Maybe you haven't grown enough to attract the kind of man that you want.
#2 If you're a practicing arrogant feminist who's like a machine, you'll make men run.
I know you've been taught to feel insulted if men actually want to treat you like a lady but you have to allow men to take the lead while dating.
This does not mean that you're to be a "yes" girl, but a strong yet feminine woman who'll be able to harness the power within you so that your essence, drive, and focus will be so intense that you literally burn an impression of yourself on a man's mind when he's around you.
#3 Flush your system of unhealthy mindsets, baggage, resentments, past hurts, and bitterness.
I don't care what you have to do to clean out your soul but if you want to exude real sexiness, you'll have to do what it takes to detoxify the soul.
#4 If you've had a bad breakup, now's the time to have some self respect and stop chasing your EX.
Make it one of your ten commandments to NEVER ever chase a man again.
Listen to my song, don't EVER pay for a man's attention! #5 Take care of your body and health.
We all struggle with being consistent in this area, but you get what you put in.
#6 Good grief girl, put on some makeup, even if it's a little foundation.
It can make your skin go from dull to "diva.
" #7 Find you some clothes that actually fit your body whether you are a size 2 or 20.
Throw out the tent look and the bras that have been eaten away by little rats.
Why are you trying to hold on to them old panties? I have seen women of all sizes who really want to look and feel good about themselves take the time to wear clothes that compliment their bodies.
#8 I already know that you're not a clown so why does your hair look like one? Some women should be fined for subjecting their hair to a bad streaking job.
Get rid of the rainbow hair and find a hair stylist that can really make your hair say "touch me!" #9 Have an open vibe.
If a man has to ignite a dynamite to get to you, he won't bother.
Making a man work to win your heart is much different from making him your slave.
Open up yourself to finding true love and you'll attract men who are tuned into that kind of station.
#10 Smile more often at men.
Men are drawn to women who are happy.
When you are happy, you'll feel sexy and won't have to work hard at convincing a man that you are OK with you.

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