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Handcrafted Timber Frame Homes

"Timber Frame" is beautiful and an inspiring method of construction that has stood the test of time in many countries throughout the world.
These homes are handcrafted in a style that proudly reveals its support structure as a mixture of art and engineering.
Posts join to beams by the use of tenons and oak pegs.
Timber trusses support vaulted ceilings.
Exposed wood knee braces give rigidity and functional beauty to the entire structure.
Timber Frame Construction The timber frame construction begins with a well thought out design, and a set of drawings that express that design clearly.
The layout and cutting of its parts are done in a workshop environment.
The goal of the timber framer is the creation of a timber structure that exhibits precision, strength, and beauty.
A variety of wood species, surface textures and wood finishes can be used to create a special look.
These homes easily meet modern energy saving standards.
They match effectively with structural insulated panels, which are known for their warmth and rigidity.
Custom Timber Frame Home Design The mating of traditional timber framing methods with modern construction techniques give the homeowner limitless design choices.
Timber use can be intensified in the more lived in parts of the house and minimized in others.
Custom timber-frame home designs can be simple or complex.
Timbers can be added or removed to match the spending plan.
See our selection of these home plans.
Well designed and well built these homes retain their appeal, and therefore their value, for this generation and the next.
The tendency to complement the wood frame with other natural materials make the home a place where people want to go to experience feelings of peace and well-being.
These timber frames bring nature inside and also act as a picture frame for the world outside.
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