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How to Root an Android Phone 2.2

    • 1). Download Z4Root for free and put it onto your phone's SD card using the USB dongle. Navigate to it using your favorite Android file browser on your phone and click on it to install it. You may have to adjust your settings to allow you to install applications that did not come from the Android market. Launch it from your applications menu and press the button to root your phone. Allow it to reboot. This application works with all phones running a factory installation of Froyo 2.2.

    • 2). Install Easy Root onto your Froyo 2.2 phone to root it. Easy Root is available for download online for a small fee. Download it using your computer and move it onto your SD card over the USB dongle. Change your application settings to allow you to install non-market applications. Navigate to your SD card using your favorite file browser and click on the APK file to install it. Launch it from your applications menu and tap the Root button.

    • 3). Run the Super One Click Root application on your Windows machine. Download the application onto your Windows computer. Enable the USB debugging on your Froyo 2.2 phone and plug it into your computer. Double-click on the application on your Windows desktop to run it and click on the tab for the type of phone you are using. If you are running a Samsung Captivate, it requires a different tab than the one labeled "Universal." The "Universal" tab is for all of the other phones. Click on the "Root" tab and allow the phone to reboot. This application only works on a Windows computer, though as of July 2011, the developer is working on Mac and Linux versions as well.

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