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WHAT IS AN INCLINOMETERAND HOW DOES IT WORK? Alsoknown as Tilt meter or Tilt sensor, the Inclinometer is a tool used formeasuring angular tilt.
Inclinometers are used for sensing movements, whetherit's embedded in concrete structures, attached to a dam, buried down a tunnelor even for monitoring the volcanoes the Inclinometer is capable of producingvery accurate results even at the most irregular surfaces.
Inclinometers andtilt sensors date back around half a century.
The inclinometer is also known asthe clinometer.
Nowthe inclinometer is available in single and dual axis configurations.
COMMON TECHNOLOGIES USEDWITHIN THE INCLINOMETER SENSOR Themost common technology that is used for Inclinometer or the clinometer sensoris the accelerometer, electrolytic, mercury, gas bubble liquid and pendulum.
ELECTROLYTICINCLINOMETER Theelectrolytic tilt sensors are able to produce a very accurate measurement and are able to produce an electric signal to show exactly how much a structure isleaning in reference to gravity.
This kind of tilt sensor is generally used inautomotive industry, electronics, gyroscopes and satellites.
These are alsoknown as the most durable of all the tilt sensors yet available.
MERCURY INCLINOMETER Insidea mercury type tilt sensor the tilt is determined by a metal or glass can, within which there is a tiny drop of mercury and two electrodes.
GAS BUBBLE LIQUIDINCLINOMETER A gas bubble tilt sensor is comprised of a glass tube filled with liquid.
Thetube which comprises of the liquid and the bubble is commonly bent.
The position of the bubble indicates the angle.
This gas bubble inclinometer isalso known as a tilt meter, clinometer or a slope indicator.
PENDULUM INCLINOMETER Pendulumtilt sensor is commonly used to determine the stability of the submarines andthe ships.
It has generally been used by the navy around the world.
Thependulum is a suspended hollow metal cylinder filled with mercury.
Attached toa small shaft, it tends to remain vertical.
The movement of the pendulum and hencethe object it is attached to is noted by a pointer.
KINDS OF INCLINOMETER Inclinometeris used for measuring horizontal and vertical angles from vehicles toairplanes, boats and even satellites.
There are two basic kinds of Inclinometers that are used:
This kind of tilt sensor or clinometer is usedfor observing deformation on concrete structures and foundations.
The vertical tilt sensor or clinometer is usedfor monitoring abrupt movements, especially in landslide areas, under water andin tilted areas.
They are known to give dynamic performances.
DIGITALINCLINOMETER Known for their extraordinary accuracy, thedigital inclinometer uses breakthrough technology.
They are now very strong,tough and really easy to use.
Its signals and data are digital.
It is used for the verification ofvarious angles and slopes in the engineering industry.
This tilt sensorprovides results that are precise and computed with both analog and digitalsensors used for single-axis and dual-axis measurements.

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