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Pretty Tattoo Ideas

    • A heart is a pretty design to consider for a tattoo.heart-shape tattoo image by Aleksej Kostin from

      Though no one quite knows when and where tattoos originated, it is known that tattooing is a centuries old practice that has gained popularity and become part of the mainstream culture. There are many reasons people choose to decorate their bodies with tattoos--from memorializing loved ones who have passed to honoring cultural traditions to simply wanting to showcase artwork. No matter the reason you choose to get a tattoo, there are several pretty designs to consider.


    • Flowers are pretty in real life and in pictures. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and want a pretty design, consider a tattoo that incorporates flowers. If you are getting a tattoo for a specific reason, symbolism has been attached to many flowers. For instance, baby's breath represents happiness, a lotus stands for mystery and truth, and white roses symbolize youthfulness and innocence. Make a subtle statement with a single flower tattoo or a bold proclamation with a colorful bouquet of assorted flowers.


    • Another pretty image to incorporate in a tattoo is a star. These images can represent something meaningful. For instance, a tattoo of a shooting star stands for new beginnings and changes in life. They can also represent dreams, desires and goals. Stars also have religious meaning attached to them--such as the Star of David. A pentagram is a five pointed star that often represents the elements, harmony and balance. No matter what type of star you choose to have turned into a tattoo, add interest and beauty to it with color--or bring understated elegance to the design by having it done in grayscale.


    • Butterflies are beautiful creatures whose images make for beautiful tattoos. Like the above-mentioned elements, the butterfly also has symbolic meaning. It represents rebirth and new life. If you want a simple, yet pretty tattoo, consider a small butterfly with wings that feature one or two colors. For a spectacular display, a large butterfly featuring several of your favorite colors on the wings and body is an option, or you may contemplate getting tattooed with a group of several butterflies in an array of colors with opened and closed wings that appear to be fluttering.

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