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Does the Parallelogram Law of Forces Apply to Politics Too?

Not long ago, I decided to peruse through an old textbook of mine titled; "Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Statics" and as I was reading through it I was reminded about how many things in our world move in directions or vectors based on how forces change their paths.
So, I dare to ask; Does the Parallelogram Law of Forces Apply to Politics Too? Yes and that's the problem really.
Okay so, let's talk because the other day a Democrat friend of mine told me that he thought that Republicans, Independents, and Democrats should work together more.
Yes, many people feel this way, but if one force is acting on another, then the new trajectory and the greater the force the greater the change.
Now then, my acquaintance told me that Republicans needed to meet in the middle with Democrats.
But the way I see it, each time the Republicans meet the Democrats in the middle the Democrats run further to the left, and then say, meet us in the middle again, thus, the new vector is even a greater angle than the last, meaning where we are going is even further off course than where were once on our way to.
It sure seems to me that we are now, here in the US, we are now on the wrong course, and we are headed for a very bad place.
The correction now, will require a significant political force.
Trust me when I tell you there is no sequestration or taxation without ramification, and still, one has to ask why we allowed things to go this far - kicking the can down the road further and further - well, here we are on a collision course with destiny.
Does it make sense to take a look at the mathematics involved in the Parallelogram Law of Forces as it may or may not apply to public policy, government bureaucracy, and politics here in the US? Yes, I believe it does.
Why you ask? Because if we can apply some mathematics to what we've done and look at the resultant, we can see how far off course we've gotten with your true promises to ourselves and what our nation is supposed to be about.
Until we make course corrections - this current vector, it isn't working and we are headed in the wrong direction.
Indeed, I hope you will please consider all I've said here today and think on it all.

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