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Teavana Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Review

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While making a pot of tea is very nice when you have someone to enjoy it with, most of the time I just want a single cup of tea. And most strainers or tea balls are too small or fussy for today's loose teas. This little tea gadget is perfect.

How the Tea Strainer Performed

August 17, 2013
This little Teavana® tea strainer is sized just right for my loose teas in whatever size of cup I choose, from a 6oz cup to a travel mug.

I love the stainless steel construction too, so no fear of it rusting and it rinses/washes out quickly. And you can steep as short or as long as you want.

My loose teas have large chunks of fruit and leaves, so small tea balls or infusers which were fine years ago for standard loose teas, are just not big enough to hold these new varieties or they are too fiddly to fill and clean-up. With the Teavana strainer, there's no such problem. Keep in mind though, that this is a strainer for a single serving and it does not hold enough tea for a regular size teapot.

There's also a small rubber cover that comes with it which makes it handy for when you want to bring some loose tea with you to work. I also love the Teavana teas - there's ample substance to them, a good variety and blends, some with chunks of fruit and berries.

This is a very nice tea gadget that works extremely well. It would also make a lovely little gift for any tea lover. If gifting this product, bundle it with some teas, because they'll want to put this tea tool to work right away.

Enjoy your loose teas one cup at a time.

Just a note on teas, if you want to preserve their goodness and freshness, keep them in small airtight food storage jars. Teavana does carry some containers for their teas or you can find small food storage with tight lids. Compare prices of food storage

When making tea, a kettle that brings water to a specific temperature for certain teas is a nice appliance to have. The Chef's Choice SmartKettle is very convenient. It's a cordless model with precise temperature control. The stainless steel construction gives it a high-end look and also helps to keep the water hot longer. Read review.

A special cup is also a welcomed addition to your tea tools and serving equipment. Consider the taste difference of enjoying tea from a bone china teacup, like grandma used to do. You don't need a whole buffet's worth of tea cups and mugs, just a few for having a tea party. We just don't have enough of those. We should enjoy tea time with family and friends more often.
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