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Where"s This Online Dating Relationship Going?

Sooner or later, single women and men that are in relationships for a period of time begin to think more seriously about whether their relationship will last or not, when one or both of you are trying to feel each other out to see if the other is thinking the same trying to determine where the relationship is exactly headed.
At this time questions such as Are we more than just friends? Is our relationship a complete and exclusive commitment to each other? If you are at a point in your relationship that you feel you want to be with your partner for the long term, asking your date if they have the same feelings towards you can be extremely nerve wracking to say the least.
However, we have some ideas to help you with that conversation: 1.
Be careful in choosing the right time and place- relationship conversations can be very intense, so be cautious about where and when this conversation takes place.
The more private place the better you are since you and your partner will be opening up and expressing your relationship feelings, attempting to get your partner to open up in a public place can be the wrong idea.
Don't push the panic button if your partner's response is not exactly what you thought it would be- Your partner at this point may not be ready to give you a clear and concise decision of total commitment to a long term relationship.
If that does turn out to be the situation with your partner it is important to not view it as a complete rejection, when your partner is opening up to you stay focused on what exactly they are saying and discuss their concerns without turning it into a heated debate.
If it turns into an argument then you need to back off and not push too hard.
Give your partner some space-.
If it appears your partner is having a difficult time opening up and discussing their feelings involving a long term relationship then don't push them for an immediate answer, some people become nervous and get flustered when they feel pressure and may say things they don't really mean, you can ease the pressure by telling your partner to take a little time to think it through before giving their answer.
Discussing how both of you feel about your relationship and whether it has the potential to grow into something more serious is a natural part of all relationships and do need to be addressed at some time or the other.
Being sensitive to your partner's feelings and waiting for the right time and place will make the conversation much more relaxed and productive.
Good Luck and Happy Online Personals Dating to all Singles!

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