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Reasons to Keep Hot Tubs Clean and Disinfected

Hot tub is the term popularly given to a pool or tub of water that contains heated water.
It has been used for years for soaking, massage purposes, relaxing and overall enjoyment.
The newer tubs are also fitted with jets or spouts at various levels along the inside of the tub.
These jets release pressurized water which has been known to be quite soothing.
These can be fitted inside your home or in the yard, depending on the availability of room.
They are usually quite easy to install and maintain and are generally enjoyed by people of various age groups.
These tubs, however relaxing and therapeutic, do pose serious health hazards which most people tend to take very lightly.
The hazards are real and, in many cases, can become very serious too.
It is owing to the health reasons that it is imperative that the tub be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
The warm water becomes a breeding ground for various bacteria since bacteria thrive in warm, damp areas.
There are also a wide variety of fungi which can thrive around hot tubs.
Recreational Water Illnesses or RWIs can spread quite fast around these tubs and because a large number of people may be using the tub at about the same time, most of them could be inflicted.
The illnesses that one can catch can vary from skin diseases like rashes and boils to diarrhea l illnesses as well as respiratory problems as well.
It is therefore important for hot tub water treatment to occur on a regular basis so that the water and the tub is kept clean and disinfected.
Another important reason to clean the tubs is for the sake of maintenance.
The tubs usually have a water filter that needs to be cleaned from time to time.
If this is not done, the trappings which include dirt, dust, leaves, other plant material, hair, etc.
could block the filter completely.
Other than that, mineral residue from the water may start coating the insides of the jets causing the water to lose some of its pressure.
Also, if the water in the tub is murky or slimy, no one will want to use it anymore.
The warm water can help the growth of pool slime along which is not only visually displeasing but can also become slippery to stand on.
Cleaning of the hot tub can be either at home by ones self or one can get it professionally cleaned.
There are also modern self cleaning hot tubs that have made the cleaning process a lot easier though it is still important to disinfect from time to time.

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