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How to Wire a Vent Fan

    • 1). Turn off the power to the bathroom electrical circuit by turning off the correct circuit breaker in the circuit breaker panel.

    • 2). Remove the light switch cover and unscrew the light switch. Pull the switch and the associated wiring out for accessibility.

    • 3). Run 14-gauge, two-conductor wire from the electrical box on the vent fan to the light switch box in your wall. You may have to remove drywall to feed the wire into the light switch box. The vent fan should be accessible from your attic.

    • 4). Strip the individual wires in the two-conductor wire back 1/2-inch. There should be three wires total--black (hot), white (neutral) and green (ground).

    • 5). Attach the black wire to the same terminal on the switch that the bathroom light fixture wire is attached to. Typically this is the top terminal on the left-hand side of the switch.

    • 6). Take the white wire and place in a wire nut with the other white wires. If the other wire runs straight through the box to the light, you will have to cut it and strip it. This, combined with the white wire from the vent fan, will make three wires. Place all these in a wire nut together.

    • 7). Attach the green wire to the ground screw in the electrical box and tighten. Screw the light switch back on the box and fasten the light switch cover over the light switch.

    • 8). Open the electrical box on the vent fan. Attach the black wires using a wire nut, and connect the white wires the same way. Secure the green wire to the ground screw in the electrical box.

    • 9). Close the electrical box and turn the power back on to the electrical circuit. Turn on the light switch and the fan should turn on.

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