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Four Things That Men Will Never Tell Their Spouse

In every relationship, there is the need to be absolutely open to each other in every aspect of life.
The unity, strength and love derived from an open flow of information in any relationship cannot be compromised at the expense of any selfish agenda.
Trust and confidentiality remains a key factor in developing a solid bound in a relationship, and these two basic virtues can be achieved if both partners do not keep secrets from each other.
There is however occasions where the man may on his own volition decide to keep certain facts close to his chest due to ego, shame or pride depending on the scenario.
This can be quite complicated if not properly handled.
Below are some issues which men oftentimes keep close to their chest: Someone has a crush on me There is always the tendency for single women to create a platform for a romantic relationship with a man whether he is married or not.
This can be quite tricky if the individual involved is not able to deal with such temptations.
There have been cases where the lady in a bid to press her demand goes to the extent of blackmailing the man.
No man in his sane mind will open up to his spouse concerning this complicated issue, especially when he has fallen prey to the desperate lady seeking his attention.
The best bet is to avoid starting a flame which can never be extinguished.
I am financially broke One of the stabilizing factors in any marital relationship is finance.
When this key ingredient is lacking in a relationship, love can turn sour and tension becomes inevitable.
It is the responsibility of the man to provide the basic need for the entire household as ordained by God.
Things may however not go according to plan in every relationship, and some men may find themselves in a tight financial situation.
Majority of men in such situations never get to tell their spouse, so as to avoid panic and tension in the home.
They go to any length to solve this dicey situation without the knowledge of their wife.
I am tired of the relationship No woman wants to be told that it is all over as far as a relationship is concerned.
Some years back, i once told a lady i dated that we can no loner continue in our relationship, and her reaction was quite unexpected.
She got hysterical and violent at a stage that I almost felt bad for disclosing my intention to her.
Men are sensitive by nature and the thought of hurting those they love can sometimes haunt them in their closet.
This can be responsible for some relationship that remains intact but with no apparent warmth or love between both partners.
The man may be too afraid to share his deepest thoughts regarding the relationship to his emotional spouse.
You are getting old Every woman dreads the thought of getting old and the mere sight of wrinkles and other aging signs can create panic in their heart.
That is the main reason why women spend more time in front of the mirror than men.
That is also the reason why any sensible husband will not tell the wife that she is getting old.
Most men tell their spouse about their youthfulness and beauty daily.
Women prefer to hear these words than the direct opposite.

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