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How to Do the Dances From "Pride & Prejudice"

    • 1). Form two long facing lines with all the men on one side, and all the women on the other. This long line generally suited the shape of the assembly halls during the Regency period.

    • 2). Proceed down the middle of the line if you are the "top" couple, the two closest to the musicians. Move in skipping or fancy walking steps in symmetrical figures based on the dance that was called.

    • 3). Dance down the line in the same fashion as the first top couple. As each couple make their way down the line, the couple closest to the musicians become the new top couple. Walk, skip and perhaps twirl once or twice, depending upon the dance that was called.

    • 4). Dance around or between the other couples if the dance calls for the top couple to do so. All of the other couples stand still while the top couple dances around them.

    • 5). Perform the gating move, a common move in English country dances which involves partners going around their neighbors and coming together in the center to touch hands, like two halves of a gate. Gating was used in the dance that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet shared during the ball at Netherfield Park.

    • 6). Dance down the line as each couple take their turn. They dance in the same way as all of the couples before them.

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