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How to Make Your Trash Can Dog Proof

A problem I often hear is that people have trouble keeping their dog out of their trash can.
They will go out for a while and then come home to find their garbage strewn all over the place.
Here are a few tips to keep your dog out of the trash can: 1.
Get a heavier trash can If your trash can is heavier, this can prevent many trash can spills.
This is particularly useful if you own a smaller dog.
Bigger dogs may still be able to tip over even the largest of trash bins.
Consider getting a trash can that is made of heavy metal.
Some trash cans these days are made out of stainless steel, and this can be a great choice.
Just make sure you test it beforehand to ensure that it is heavy enough to resist being tipped over.
Secure your trash can to the wall Some trash cans come with a kit so that you can screw it directly into the wall.
This makes it almost impossible to tip over.
Even if it doesn't come with an included kit, it is usually a simple matter to drill a few holes into the trash can.
Get a trash can with a secure lid This usually involves a lid that snaps on extremely tight.
This can make it inconvenient to open and close when you need to throw something away, but that might be the price you pay to avoid cleaning up your kitchen floor every time you come home.
Hopefully you have a few ideas now about how to keep your dog from regularly terrorizing your trash can.

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