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Pet Gecko - The Ever Popular Leopard Gecko

If you like to keep pets and you like lizards, a pet gecko is a great low maintenance pet that comes in many shapes and colors.
It is a pet that has great adaptability and longevity to give you years of enjoyment.
You can have your pet set up, settled in and socialized within five to ten days.
Leopard geckos are great for your first gecko as they are the most popular, inexpensive and very adaptable.
Many people choose a leopard gecko as their first pet gecko.
With so much captive breeding going on now days the price of leopard geckos has decreased a lot.
In pet stores they still usually cost between $60 and $70.
They can be purchased much cheaper directly from breeders or at reptile expos.
It's not uncommon to see them for $20-25 for one.
Some large and exotic geckos can cost up to 3000$.
Wow! 3000$, I think I would rather get that new HD TV instead! A pet gecko may live as long as twenty years and the longest recorded life span of a pet gecko is twenty seven and a half years.
These colorful pets provide a nice addition to a sitting room and provide a great conversation piece.
They are called dinosaurs in small packages by some.
Geckos eat mostly insects and actually live very well right along with people when those people will let them.
Geckos live in many different warm climates across the globe which will dictate the kind of habitat that will be required to house one in your favorite room.
If you decide to get a pet gecko make sure to do the necessary basic research into how to purchase, set up, and care for one.
They really are cool little creatures that add color and life to any room.
Some geckos are very beautiful to look at with multiple color combination's which help them to blend into their surroundings.

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