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Art Projects on "The Wheels on the Bus"


    • An art collage for "The Wheels on the Bus" can been done in several ways. You can cut out all the pieces for the children ahead of time so all they have to do is glue them together. You can also draw the shapes yourself and have the children cut them out, if they are working on their cutting abilities. Another option is to put out other materials such as beads, buttons and magazines. The buttons and beads can be used to create the yellow and black of the bus. Then cut out pictures of people in magazines to glue in as the people who are riding the bus.

    Egg Carton

    • Using an old egg carton is a way to recycle and create a craft for "The Wheels on the Bus." Cut off the top portion, the side with holes in it, and discard the bottom. Paint the outside of the top portion of the carton yellow; you can also use yellow markers. Then cut out people from magazines or pictures and glue them inside the holes as if they are riding on the bus. Use black markers or any other materials you choose to create the wheels on the bus.

    Tissue Paper Bus

    • This is a simple way to create a 3-D "Wheels on the Bus" project. For this you need glue, a pencil with an eraser and yellow tissue paper. Draw the outline of a bus and fill it with tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper into 1-inch squares. Put the eraser in the center of a square and lightly twist the paper around the pencil. Then put a dot of glue on the paper and put the tissue paper on it. Fill the bus with colored tissue paper, then add pictures of people in the windows of the bus. You can use a black marker or black tissue paper for the wheels.

    Coloring Pages

    • A very easy way to create a "Wheels on the Bus" craft is to use coloring pages. The outline of the bus gives children a space to create their own version of the bus by coloring it. They can also draw their own people inside. Or you can have them bring in their own pictures of people they can glue inside. This is very little work for you as the preparer but lets the children get creative.

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