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How to Dry Aged Beef in a Refrigerator

    • 1). Place a refrigerator thermometer inside your refrigerator. Leave it inside for a day or so, checking periodically to make sure the fridge maintains a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

    • 2). Choose a prime or choice loin roast or boneless beef rib roast from your grocer or butcher. Rinse the beef in the sink and pat it dry with a paper towel.

    • 3). Wrap the beef in three layers of cheesecloth, place it on a rack and then on a sheet pan.

    • 4). Place the wrapped beef inside the refrigerator. After the first day, unwrap the beef, wrap it again with the same cheesecloth and then place it back inside the refrigerator. This prevents the cheesecloth from adhering to the meat.

    • 5). Unwrap and re-wrap the beef in the same cheesecloth every day. Refrigerate the meat for three to seven days.

    • 6). Remove the beef from the refrigerator. Use a sharp chef's knife to trim away the hard, dry outer edges of the meat. Dry aging causes the outside of the beef to dry out. When you've trimmed away all of the dried areas, trim away any fat layers from the outside of the meat.

    • 7). Cook or freeze your dry-aged beef within seven days of beginning the process.

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