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Neighborhood Crime Watch Group and Home Security Products - A Great Combination

I wrote an article recently about starting a Neighborhood Crime Watch Group.
I have never been a member of such a group and didn't have a clue about what was involved.
I am new in our neighborhood and don't know many of my neighbors.
So I attended my first meeting.
There was a group of about 25 people in attendance.
We had someone from the Police Department speak to our group.
There was quite a lively discussion.
At the end of the meeting, I asked how I could get involved and was told that they needed a Block Captain for my street.
So, I agreed I could do that.
Being a new group, the main thing we needed to do was to get as many email addresses of our neighbors as possible.
We started out passing out fliers, walking in the heat over very uneven, dangerous sidewalks.
After a couple of times, I decided there had to be a better way.
I used Google to look up our city CAD and was able to get names and addresses of the people who live on my street, but no email addresses.
In the meantime, I volunteered for two more streets on either side of me.
I did the same thing with those streets.
But I still had no email addresses.
After doing some more research, I stumbled upon a website that allowed you to search by name and find out additional information.
This allowed me to find phone numbers, age and number of years they lived on the street.
The ones I couldn't find on the website, I found in the telephone directory.
When I finished all this research, in the air conditioned comfort of my home I might add, I started calling my neighbors for email addresses.
Now here's the interesting part.
I have to say I have the most interesting neighbors.
Little did I know that these were people with real interesting stories.
I found that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each one I talked to.
In talking to them, I discovered each one had safety ideas and some had needs that our group could address.
I began to get excited at the prospect of working together to keep our neighborhood safe.
If you live in a neighborhood that has a need for this kind of group, call your local Police and ask how you can start a Crime Watch group in your neighborhood.
Being a member of a Crime Watch Group is a bonding experience and has many personal and neighborhood benefits.
Why Should You Start a Neighborhood Crime Watch Group?
  • It will bring cohesiveness to your neighborhood.
  • Watch Programs will lower the crime rate in your neighborhood.
  • You will get regular crime watch reports for your neighborhood.
  • Code Compliance: You will learn what to do about loud parties (noise ordinance), abandoned vehicles (report after being in the same place on the street after 48 hours), barking dogs, lawns that are not maintained properly (can be reported to code compliance), and much more.
  • You will become the eyes and ears of your neighborhood.
Become informed about what kind of home security products will effectively protect your home.
  • Magnetic Door alarms
  • Glass breakage alarms
  • Window alarms
  • Personal Alarms
  • Pepper Spray
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Motion Detector alarms
As we all know, we fear what is unknown or unfamiliar.
I soon discovered that many people fear their neighbors simply because they don't know them.
So the first order of business is to get to know your neighbors and find out what each one of them can bring to your group.
No matter what religion, ethnicity or political group people belong to, they will have common interests and goals.
Feeling safe in your own neighborhood is very much a common interest.
I am so glad I took the time to become a part of this group.
I know I will be a better person and neighbor because of it.
Stay Safe!

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