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Great Gifts for a Friend Who Is Engaged

    Personalized Picture Frames

    • Photographs often play a central role in a wedding -- the couple will likely have engagement and bridal photos taken, as well as pictures on the big day. These photos will become cherished memories for your newly married friend. Have picture frames personalized with the couple's names, a special quote about love or the date of your friend's wedding. Collage frames will provide even more space for pictures. If you have photos of the couple from their dating days, fill one frame with these and leave another empty for the couple to fill on their own.

    Wine Glasses

    Home Decor

    • Your newly engaged friends may not be moving into a new home, but new decor to symbolize their union is a nice gesture. Personalized plaques or carvings with quotes about love and home can help you say congratulations to your friend. If the couple did not previously live together, such items can give them a sense of unity as they combine their separate homes into one. Some home decorations, such as candles, can even help them set a romantic mood.

    Gifts that Encourage Togetherness

    • Look for gifts that will help the newly engaged couple find together time. Something as simple as a board game will give them the opportunity to focus on each other rather than the demands of daily life. Cookbooks that specialize in cooking for two can encourage them to prepare meals together, a tradition they may come to enjoy and continue throughout their marriage. If you know the couple enjoys a certain activity together, get them a gift that references that activity. Your engaged friend will appreciate the thought and the chance for more quality time with her fiancé.

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