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Are you one of the gazillions of people who still count sheep while trying to get to sleep..
? Well instead of counting them, why not try some wool bedding under you to fall asleep faster in the first place? Stay tuned for some nifty information about wool bedding- something a lot of people may have never even heard of! Okay, most folks just love their down comforters and feather beds.
I love them too.
But there may be a reason to try the pillows, comforters, blankets, under quilts and mattress pads made of wool.
Why? More people are getting allergies than ever before.
People generally report have trouble falling asleep a few times per week.
Sometimes it's more mundane complaints against down and feather products, like feathers clumping in pillows and featherbeds or poking through comforters and duvet covers.
Let's look at some of the benefits of wool then: It doesn't compress and clump like feathers and down can sometimes, but still allows air to circulate and breathe.
If you're using a good quality wool mattress pad for example,it'll wick the moisture away that your body gives off through the night- and its natural springiness evens out possible pressure points so you don't toss and turn all night.
You stay dry and more comfortable and simply sleep better as a result.
Its natural fibers help you stay warmer.
Hey that's how the sheep stay warm right..
? lol A naturally hypo allergenic product, wool is highly resistant to nasty little dust mites, molds and even mildew.
That alone was reason enough for me to use it! If you're prone to allergies, using this wool bedding alone won't totally solve your problem.
You should know that your mattress and other items in your bedroom are things you should consider changing out.
But switching to natural fibers like unbleached wool and cotton bedding is an excellent place to begin for hassle-free sleep.
So if you're ready for a change in the bedding of yours, then wool may be a great option for you.

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