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The Colors of Carnation Flowers

    Engineered Colors

    • Black carnations were made using genetic engineering. Researchers used the blue pigment from petunia genes combined with the deep red carnation DNA to engineer a black carnation with light bluish coloring and reflections of green and gray. Other engineered carnations are the blue carnation, also known as Moondust. Moondust has mauve-purplish flowers. Other carnation colors in the Moon series include purple, violet, blue and mauve shades.


    • Bicolor carnations have different-colored centers or different colors on the edges. Spangled star carnations have red petals with light pink edges, and the arctic fire has a red center with white petals. Striped green carnations represent refusal and are given as a rejection.

    Solid Colors

    • Carnation flowers come in solid colors with specific color meaning when given as a gift. Flower colors include yellow, which means disappointment; purple, which means capriciousness; and dark red, which means deep love. There are light red, pink and white carnation flowers. White flowers are used to make other colored carnations through dyeing.

    Dyed Colors

    • Florists and growers can dye cut carnation flowers to make any color in the rainbow. White carnations are used in the dyeing process. The stems of the cut flowers are placed in a vase with water and a few drops of food coloring of choice. As the stem absorbs the dye, the coloring makes its way to the flowers.

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