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Simple Pleasures of Housekeeping – Setting up a Closet

Home essentials like bath towels, bed linen and rugs are available in plentiful colours, patterns and fabrics. These can be used as a part of your décor scheme to create a home which you really dreamed of. Read on to know how you can do that.

Setting up a closet with fresh-smelling linen bed spreads and fluffy towels is one of the simple pleasures of housekeeping, isn't it? Ask any lady. Such closets typically store bed, bath and table linens – bed spreads, bed balances, cushions, towels, aprons and more. Women love working on their closet and take pride to own things out there. When they feel, they can just take out any of these and give a refreshed look to the interiors.

Bath towels are something every home needs. These are available in plentiful colours, fabrics and trims to suit your personal preferences. Light, white linen towels will give your bathroom a clean ambiance. If you prefer colour, try mixing two colours or blend one colour with white. Light shade towels will always look better in a bathroom.

Quality bed linen is an essential element for a good night's sleep. Quilt or duvet are also important, but it is the material of bed spread that touches your body the most, so it must be something that cajoles you to fall fast asleep. A well-chosen bed spread will add a feel of elegance to the room. In a good store, you will find quality linen sheets which can fulfil the requirements of about anybody. You can choose linen which matches the type and quality level you'd like on your bed. You must also take into account the colour tones on the walls.

Finding a suitable bed spread may take some time but it is better you choose one which conforms to the basic elements of interior designing. As long as it agrees with look of the room, it doesn't matter whether it is strong, striking, garish or light. Your own preferences also matter. After all, it is your house and you can buy sheets as you deem fit.

Most homeowners will wish that their bedrooms ooze a sense of serenity and calmness, and this is something which can be achieved by choosing the right type of bed fabric. Lighter bed spreads and valances can create this relaxing effect. If you match linen fabric with other facets of the bedroom like rugs, and wardrobes, you can be sure of getting the perfect look.

Yes, rugs or flooring of the bedroom is another impactful variable, second only to bed linen. Each bedroom is different; some have concrete floor, while others feature carpet. Unless brand new flooring has just been installed, it is better to cover the flooring with different sizes of rugs. A solid coloured rug contrasting with the bed linen will be impressive. It may also help covering up an ugly floor.

Combination of rug and bed linen can be used as a part of your ultimate décor plan for the bed room. For example, you can buy bed linen of multiple light colours which you can use with dark coloured rugs. You can stay with a rug for a month or two, while juggling between the linen every week or two.

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