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Statute of Limitation Definition

Technology may have brought forth newer and faster ways by which we can do our daily chores but it has also undeniably brought about new reasons for people to lose their lives or limbs.
One such case is the invention of wheel and the consequent invention of the various modes of transportation such as cars, planes and trains.
Vehicular accidents are said to have caused at least 1.
2 million deaths worldwide in 2004 while about 50 million people have been left with minor to majorly debilitating injuries.
It is also said to be the leading cause of deaths among children aged 10 to 19 years old worldwide.
In 2007 alone, about 13,000 railroad-related accidents took the life of more than 800 and have injured about 9,000 people.
If you find yourself involved in this kind of accident, you might have to be ready to do a lot of paper work.
Vehicular accidents, especially those that involve commercial vehicles as well as trains, usually result to a number of lawsuits and compensation claims.
Unfortunately, not many people are aware of what their rights are when it comes to accidents.
Lawsuits and settlements are no laughing matter.
One of the things that keep people from making compensation claims when they get involved in railroad-related accidents is the lack of knowledge about the specific statute of limitation in their state.
Railroad- related accidents are usually due to a variety of reasons.
These reasons could be anything from mechanical failure to overloading of cargo and/ or passengers and faulty railroad tracks.
In instances like these, the injured party is given usually a year to file the necessary papers in order to claim compensation.
Statute of limitation is defined as the group of laws that set the specific grace period or deadline for filing of lawsuits.
Any lawsuits or claims made after the set period will most likely be automatically thrown out of court.
The statute of limitation is dependent on the state as well as the type of case involved.
For example, in California, lawsuits arising from assault and battery brought about by domestic violence has a one-year statute of limitation from the date of injury.
This means that, the aggrieved party has one year from the date of injury to file any case.
Statutes of limitations were put in place in order to promote fairness among the parties involved.
This limitation in the amount of time for claims and lawsuits to be filed stems from the fact that, as time passes, there is a higher probability that eyewitness accounts as well as evidences may not be as reliable.
For FELA railroad injury cases, the statute of limitation is usually three years from the date of injury.

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