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Online Dating - Why It"s So Popular Today

It's fair to say even the old skeptics of online dating are slowly coming around to the idea of internet dating.
With increased protection around safe dating practices, and people's lack of time, internet dating starts to look like a pretty cost effective way to meet other singles.
When you can sit at home in the comfort of your armchair, drink of choice in hand meeting other singles at your own pace why wouldn't you? So what types of on-line dating sites are on offer? Matchmaking websites: After doing lots of research we think the model of friends-referring-friends is an excellent safe way to meet other singles.
Everyone on the site comes with an instant referral, making it a more credible way to date.
It's more like old fashioned matchmaking meets on-line technology.
All the members are special because everyone's profile is written by a friend.
This takes away the embarrassment of talking yourself up (let's face it we're not really into that!) and our friends are by far the best people to brag about us! It's also a more credible way to date as everyone is coming with an instant referral.
After all you can tell a lot about someone by their mates! It's more fun to read about what someone else has written about their single friend, and makes for a much more enlightening read! Traditional dating websites: These come in all shapes & sizes and you'll usually get a feel for the tone of the site by the first page introduction, and by having a browse through some of the profiles.
What they all have in common is that instead of the single person's friend writing the profile, the single person writes their own.
It's a bit more one dimensional, but every site depending on its features/members will have a different feel to it.
How do you choose the best site for you? Go with your gut instinct, but make sure their safety policy is tight and they have your best interest at heart.
Whatever site you choose take any communications at your own pace, and always use your commonsense when dealing with people that you don't know.
Most of all - have fun!

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