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Avoid These Topics on a First Date

When you are going on your first date there are some topics that you will generally want to avoid.
There are only a few things that you want to avoid at all cost.
Those four things are religion, politics, your ex, and sex.
We will go into more detail in the following paragraphs.
Before we talk about the taboo subjects, we should talk about subjects that are okay to talk about.
Sometimes you will get so nervous on your first date that you can't think properly, so it's best to have a few topics on your mind.
Some of things you can always talk about are; the weather, where you are at, and pop culture.
For example, if you are out to dinner at a nice restaurant you can talk about how well you like the food or how you always have fun at this restaurant.
When it comes to first dates never talk about religion.
It's too early in the relationship to get into conversation with someone about it and since everyone has their own beliefs you might upset the person that you are with.
Nothing ruins a date faster than trying to push your religion on someone you don't know well.
Are you a red stater or a blue stater? If you follow the media than you would think that everyone has a clear affiliation to a political party.
There are all a lot of hot button issues when it comes to politics such as abortion, gun control, the president, or the death penalty.
These are touchy issues for anyone and it's best not to bring them up.
Some people are very passionate about their beliefs and are willing to fight people about them.
Never talk about your ex's on a first date.
More than likely you're going to make your date feel uncomfortable.
If you do bring up your ex, then make sure not to trash talk them.
If you trash talk them when they're not there, it looks poorly for you.
It will also make your date feel as if you're comparing them to your ex.
This is never comfortable for them.
Sex is the last thing they should talk about on your first date.
You want to get to know someone before you bring up sex-even if it's both on your mind.
You'll want to make your date feel comfortable with you not uncomfortable, and you can make someone very uncomfortable when you talk about sex.

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