Family & Relationships Conflict

What Are Unhealthy Ways of Dealing With Relationship Conflict?

Many people are going to have some form of conflict in the relationships that they are in.
It's hard to not have a fight or conflict at some point in time.
There are good ways of resolving this conflict and very unhealthy ones.
Learn which ones are not that healthy so that you can do your best to avoid these as much as possible.
One of the worst things that you can do is to avoid dealing with the conflict.
You both know it's there.
You both know that it needs to be dealt with.
Ignoring it does not make it better.
Denying the conflict exists isn't healthy either.
It is ideal to have limited conflict or none, but that's not realistic.
If you always ignore these things, you will never find healthy ways of dealing with conflict and stress as a couple.
Blaming your partner for all the conflict is not healthy.
Sometimes things are their fault but not everything is.
You have to be more mature than to think that you are perfect and your partner is always to blame.
Coming to a point of resolution telling your partner what you will do to change and not following through is very unhealthy.
When you do this just saying the right words to make the conflict go away without the right actions to follow, it will hurt him or her and hurt the trust in the relationship.
Giving into what your partner wants all the time is not healthy either.
Giving in does make the conflict go away but eventually you will resent your partner.
Using tactics like guilt or threatening to leave the relationship when problems come up is not a good way of dealing with conflict.
It's not fair and is not something you would want to be done to you as it's painful to hear.

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