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How to Buy ETF Gold Shares

    • 1). Consider your current financial status. Make sure that investing in ETF gold shares meets your investment objectives. Establish an account with a brokerage firm and deposit funds into your account.

    • 2). Request a prospectus. Contact your broker or call State Street Global Advisors directly by phone (1-866-320-4053,) or via mail at State Street Global Markets, LLC, One Lincoln Street, Attn: SPDR Gold, 30th Floor, Boston, MA 02111. You may also obtain information online (see Resources). Read the prospectus carefully and determine if the ETF's goals and objectives align with your personal investment needs.

    • 3). Determine how many gold shares you want to purchase. Decide if you want to buy your shares at the current market price, or bid at a lower price. Since ETFs trade like stocks, you can employ the same trading strategies you would use for exchange-traded equities.

    • 4). Contact your broker to buy your shares. Your broker will notify you once the order is executed.

    • 5). Determine the level of profit you wish to achieve, and the amount of loss you are willing to absorb. Monitor your investment and make sure it remains within your target range. If either perimeter is breached, sell your ETF gold shares.

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