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How to Follow People on Twitter With TweeterTags

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      Go to the website and sign up or login. You must give them your Twitter name and password (as of this writing the site is in beta). The site mentions that they are working with Twitter to eliminate this requirement in the future.

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      Profile With Tags

      Begin by filling in the tags that you want to use to identify yourself. (You can add more later.) TweeterTags also takes a look at your profile on Twitter and pulls in words from that as suggestions for tags.

    • 3). You can find people with your interests from your profile on TweeterTags. Simply click one of your tags, for example, eHow and TweeterTags will show you other people on Twitter who use the tag eHow.

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      Find New Tags

      Go to the Tags page (select it from the menu at the top) and you'll see a list of popular tags, plus a search bar where you can find other tags. Once you find a tag for something that interests you, just click on it to find other Twitter users who are interested in the same thing.

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