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With a recent surge of online dating and relationships thing are getting more and more out of control for some people. They want results they want the girls but they are doing the same things that will get them none of that. This is why we created a specific and specialized online dating consultant company that shows you what you really need to succeed in the online dating battle field realm. Make no mistake about it. This is a battle since if you have ever looked at the sheer amount of messages a women gets on these sites you will see how much you have to fight to get attention if you don't know the ways to stand out.

The main idea is to stand out and make yourself different from the others. Most guys online are actually trying to take something right away from the girl. They do this with messages like "hey want to meet up later" "want to sleep with an Italian stallion" "I want to chat with you". When you look at these they are all examples of guys taking something right away, I want your time, I want your body, I want your time. A better way to do a first message is to make sure that you are giving her something interesting and fun to play with and message you hack with. Usually having to do with something she is interested in. People want to feel important not like a piece of meat.

The problem is that when guys give to girls they give to much interest right way. "your eyes are so beautiful" "Your so cute:P" "Hey beautiful". These give her nothing to come back with and actually have a conversation with her. And guys are wondering why they don't have success online. You girls do the same thing. Fill out your profile give us something to play with and send you a message. If it is blank and just has pictures of you in a bikini or sexy dress€¦ you're going to just get short messages and get frustrated asking where are all the great guys. You need to change the profile completely. Simple as that, and we can help get you better results.
This brings me to the idea that you should realize. This is a filtration system that will make the most out your online dating life. It is all about what you want. Be specific. When you tell people what you want people will automatically weed themselves out if they are not exact to what you want. People always tell me I want hotter and better results. Great describe it to me. The amazing thing is 95% don't know what they real to what you want. Do you want Asian, White, Black? How about curvy, skinny, athletic? Brown, Blue, or Green eyes? This is the same thing for girls. Only they look more a the traits that people have. Yes look are not the only thing that matter guys.

I know I gave you some great tips of find out what you want and let them know it, don't compliment them on the first email and don't take from people right away. Just these tips alone are worth so much.

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