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Why Internet Marketing for Small Business Is Profitable!

Have you heard the term Virtual Assistant or more commonly known as VA? It's a relatively new entrepreneur enterprise that works with the small business owner as an independent contractor and provides the business owner administrative services without the added costs associated with hiring an employee to handle the administrative tasks associated with running their business.
A Virtual Assistant is an all encompassing title, but most virtual assistants will specialize in specific tasks.
Many virtual assistants focus their business on inventory and invoicing, some virtual assistants specialize in bookkeeping, while other virtual assistants do web design or marketing for the small business owner.
When searching for an assistant it's in your best interest to be specific about your needs and your expectations of the assistant you select.
When deciding on services with a virtual assistant the more defined your needs are, the better services you will receive and the easier it will be for you to find the perfect assistant for your business.
Most virtual assistants are prepared with a contract to identify costs, time of delivery and all other details you determine are essential in meeting your business goals in this working relationship.
In summary, I would say absolutely NO, one size does not fit all when choosing a virtual assistant for your needs.
With the main objective for your company in mind you should determine what your goals and needs are before contacting the virtual assistant.
There is no doubt that if you have a business with no physical office outside of your home; you have no employees; your needs do not warrant the expense of a full time assistant; that a virtual assistant is perfect for your company.
All it takes is a little time and planning on your part to decide what can be delegated to the virtual assistant.
There are so many different specialists in the virtual industry that you and the assistant will both be best served if you identify your needs and select the assistant that specializes in what your needs are for the business.
Remember that working with a virtual assistant saves you money in your business because a virtual assistant is NOT and employee, there are no taxes, no workers compensation, no paid time off associated with the virtual assistant.
You pay for the time the assistant is working for you only.
The virtual assistant provides all of her own equipment and supplies, these are all factored into the cost you and the assistant determine she will be paid.
The virtual assistant also saves you time.
There are probably a lot of things that you do in your business to serve your customers.
Office work is probably not part of your billable hours to the customer.
The virtual assistant works on the office paperwork such as invoicing, bookkeeping, marketing just to name a few; and lets you do the work you went into business to do.

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