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How to Choose Down Comforter Sets

If you live in a climate that has cold winters, down comforter sets are a great way to stay warm on those very cold nights.
However, many people have been led to believe that when they buy down, it is made completely of feathers, but this is not true.
Down is actually made from the soft bunches that are under the feathers of ducks, geese, or waterfowl.
It is what is under the feathers that keeps the bird warm and therefore, is a great insulator when used in down comforters.
You should also be aware when you head out to buy down comforter sets, that the materials used inside the comforter differs.
For instance, if you buy a comforter made with duck down, it is going to be much less expensive than if you buy a goose down comforter, simply because goose down has less of an odor than duck.
Many people when they buy down, choose the goose option, which is an excellent choice because the comforters are lightweight, yet extremely insulating, breathable, and warm.
Of course, goose down is the most expensive, but it is an investment and something that will last years without much maintenance.
Of course, as with any blanket, the down comforter sets will need to be cleaned, but because they need special handling, they only should be washed every five years or so, because if you wash it too much, those down clusters inside will begin to break down and lose its insulating effect.
You will need to have it professionally cleaned, meaning that you cannot just stick it in the washing machine at home or you will surely ruin it.
Some people have allergies to down or are vegans and will not own a goose or down blanket.
Therefore, there are several alternative down comforter sets.
These are filled with synthetic materials such as wool or polyester and not down.
When it comes to alternative down comforters, you will want to make sure you get one that is filled and stuffed with enough of the materials to keep you and your family warm.
Therefore, more fill means you will have a fluffier and of course warmer comforter, and this works well if you live in an area that has cold winters.
Cleaning most of the alternative down blankets do not require a professional cleaning and are typically cheaper than down.
Regardless if you choose down comforter sets or alternative down comforters, you will want to choose the best one you can afford.
Make sure the thread-count is at least 350 - 400 and the shop around because the prices vary considerably by manufacturers and retailers.
Often, if you know what you want, you can find it online for very inexpensive.
One thing to keep in mind when buying comforters is that thicker means more fill and is therefore going to offer more warmth, and thinner means less fill and is more suitable to climates that do not have the severe cold winters.

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