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Tourism in Albania

Our travel agency is pleased to invite you to travel to Albania with the cost of yourairfare. Albania is a beautiful country in southeastern Europe that is characterized by the natural beauty of its territory, with lots of woods, lakes, rivers, bays, capes and beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea. If you decide to travel to Albania with one of the tourism plans of our company, we take care to provide offers comfortable flights to Tirana, the capital and most visited city in the country. You can spend your entire vacation there, or if you want you can then easily move to neighboring cities or areas of great natural beauty.

To start your holiday in Albania, in Tirana you can spend very happy days and peaceful knowing their best attractions that are cultural in nature as the National Library, the Academy of Sciences, the National History Museum, National Museum of Culture of Albania and Etehem Bey Mosque. When traveling to Albania and then to know the beautiful city of Tirana, you can continue your ride other interesting cities such as Berat, Durres, Gjirokastra, Shkodra, Kruja and Vlora. In each you will find beautiful attractions such as museums, castles, historic buildings and beautiful beaches. Do not hesitate a moment to travel to Albania, this is a country that really surprised and amazed leave both you and the other members of his family.

Albania, headed by the recommended countries to travel

During my last visit to Serbia, I had heard wonders of the coast of Montenegro, the country that borders north with Albania, but was not aware of what the country. On my only trip to the Balkans, the middle of this decade, a resident friend in the area I had insisted that it was not safe or comfortable cross the country, so I decided to travel the road from Athens to Zagreb for the route Sofia Belgrade and getting further in coastal areas.

Brazil, Cape Verde and Panama
After the Albanian surprise, we found in the list of some most popular destinations. The number 2 is for Brazil, a country in constant economic and social progress, living the years before two major sporting events: the World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. They are two small countries for which we had excellent references: Cape Verde and Panama. The whole first wins as sun and beach destination from Europe and the second is a reflection-along with Costa Rica, Central America's most stable. Find car rental deals for Albania at affordable rates so Book a Car now!

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