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Kevin Roth on Arkansas Tornado: “The Worst Is Not Over.”

Little Rock, Arkansas€"The Weather Channel meteorologist, Kevin Roth, said that the worst is not yet over after a devastating super cell tornado hit the areas of Arkansas and Oklahoma and left more than 10 people dead, including children. Millions of Americans living in the South East had been threatened after it was hit by a series of tornados, which also injured hundreds and tossed around hundreds of cars.

Rescuers and victims are sifted through all the rubbles in Arkansas, the hardest hit state, while looking for any survivors in the Faulkner County, where homes became splinters and countless trees and power lines were mangled.

Meteorologists and weather forecasters warned the public, especially those in the Gulf Coat and the Carolinas, that the worst is not over yet since they are still in the way of a days-long tornado system.

Last Sunday, when the storm hit Mayflower and Vilonia, more than 150 residential properties had been splintered and over 10 people, including two children, were killed.

Andy Shock, Faulkner County Sheriff, said he could not describe in words what he was seeing in that grim morning, but what he could see was a major devastation.

A brief about Vilonia: It is a town of about 4,000 inhabitants and was the same place hit by a huge twister about three years past. Those homes devastated by the 2011 disaster were the same properties, which were struck by the tornado last Sunday.

Came Monday, backhoes and bulldozers were sent to the place to help the rescuers and volunteers in combing the rubble while searching for any survivors. Officials remain optimistic but foresee the climb of death tolls as they failed to rescue some victims under those remains and rubbles all over the place.

The said major damage in Arkansas was caused by at least one tornado that had spawned into a super cell thunderstorm. These destructive and massive tornadoes had swept the entire town and left more than 17 people in the area of Arkansas and Oklahoma dead, according to the Associated Press. These thunderstorms were said to be one of the deadliest of all, being on the ground for at least 29.2 miles at an initial EF3 rating (Source: National Weather Service).

In connection, another tornado hit the town of Quapaw in Oklahoma and Baxter Springs in Kansas, where more than 20 people were injured while more than hundreds of homes were affected. Senior Meteorologist, Alex Sosnowski, of AccuWeather said that they had a storm surge of moist and warm air like that of a strong jet stream arrival. He said that the daytime heating fueled up the storms that already had its development completed by Saturday night.

Let's stay tuned for the latest updates about this story.

Have you been affected by the most recent storm series in Arkansas and Oklahoma? Share your story below.

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