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Some Words About Action

Think about these phrases: "It's easier said than done" "Talk is cheap" "Actions speak louder than words" What do they all have in common? To me, they all say the same thing.
Talking about something is cheap, easy, and not real impressive.
Doing something is a whole different scenario.
Taking action is usually not the easiest thing to do, but it is always the more meaningful.
You can apply it across the board.
Think of a husband telling his wife that he loves her, but never doing anything that might demonstrate it.
Or how about a manager constantly telling his or her people the results they need to produce, but failing to ever show them how they might accomplish the task.
Both are lousy situations.
Now think of someone who is constantly doing those little things to show their appreciation for someone.
Then they do something amazing every so often that can only be the result of their heart over flowing.
And think of a real hands-on leader who takes the time to break down processes and teach their people how to become successful, rather than just babble about it all day.
Awesome, on both counts.
It's always easy to say something, right? It must be, because all of us are always talking.
The whole New Year's Resolution thing should be exhibit A-Z of how this process works, or doesn't work I should say.
We all have the ability to speak, or at least communicate in some meaningful way.
But, getting busy and actually doing something seems to be so difficult.
This makes me scratch my head a little and wonder...
Don't we all have the ability to take action? I think we do.
So why does it seem to be so hard for us to become doers instead of just talkers? Procrastination is not a bad habit as much as it seems to be all of humanity's personal default mode.
I think a possible explanation for the lack of action in all of our lives and the fact that everything is easier to talk about than to do is directly related to the amount of limitation that we have all accepted as part of "real life".
For example, listen real close the next time you hear somebody make a negative comment or say something that seems overly cynical.
There will probably be someone, maybe you, who will then ask them, "Are you a pessimist?" And you can write this one down...
they will always, and I mean always reply with "No, I'm a realist".
I say always like I'm totally sure of it, right? Well, it has happened 100% of the time that I have ever heard an exchange like that, so I'm pretty confident.
No one really admits to being pessimistic, but they are overly eager to let you know that they are part of the "real world".
And, to a significant degree, I think the rest of us have accepted that concept in our minds.
It may not be conscious at all times, but I think it's in there.
We accept that things are hard to do, especially the things that are good for us, and so we do the next best thing; we talk about how wonderful it would be if we did them, maybe even commit to taking action at some point in the foreseeable future, and sometimes when we're feeling real froggy, we actually start doing something new and productive in our lives.
But, it's easy to stop...
so often we just stop.
It may be extremely idealistic of me, but what the heck...
I'm an Aquarius, and that's pretty much text book for us water bearers...
but I believe that if we could start conditioning ourselves to believe that action is the better and easier way to go, we might stop all the chitter chatter and really get some amazing things accomplished.
We may have to start by looking at the word "easy" a little differently.
We'll have to incorporate a little foresight into this deal and imagine that once we have started to do those things that we know are good for us, our lives will then become "easier".
So it's not that it's "easy" to start.
But the results of inspired action are far more enjoyable and gratifying than the results of even the most articulate mumbo jumbo, left alone.
The "real world" can be whatever you want it to be.
If you refuse to sit around and let life pass you by, and you do not accept limitation, then you can do anything you want.
You just have to do it.
we'll all talk about it!

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